Servicing & Maintenance

We are able to service most gas appliances to ensure safe operation and peace of mind. Annual service is recommended on all gas appliances and failure to do so can invalidate warranties, as well as the safety implications of letting things go untested.

We can also carry out documented landlords gas safety checks which are an annual legal requirement for rented properties.

If during any of these checks failures or faults are identified we are able to rectify and replace any required parts in a short timescale, minimising any time you may be without your appliance. We will always ensure we leave safe gas appliances working and make safe any unsafe situation.

Fault finding in both gas appliances and heating systems is a particular area of expertise and we have experience with a wide variety of faults and failures both common and rare. We do all we are able to fix faults during one visit, however of this is not possible we will always treat your bill as if it were carried out in one visit – meaning no excessive call out charges are added to your bill.

If you require any servicing, landlords certification or maintenance why not contact us to book an appointment?